Consultation Process

Restoration Consultation

No two stoves are alike after 70 years and neither are their owners.  The purpose of the consultation is to get to know YOU so when we work on the stove we know exactly what you desire.  

The first step in getting your beloved stove restored is to complete a service request.  Attach photos and videos of your stove to the request.  Detail your specific concerns.  

We will make an appointment to see your stove in person or virtually, if you use it daily. Otherwise, the stove will need to be brought to the shop. We know movers who can assist you.

During the consultation we discuss:

  1. The story of your stove
  2. Your desires, cooking habits & kitchen plans 
  3. Any technical and cosmetic issues present 
  4. Your overall goals as they pertain to the stove

We photograph your range and gather enough information to do a written quote within 5 – 7 business days of the visit. If we must replace parts sourced from our vendors it may delay the quote.  The Stove Lady reviews all photos and videos taken by the tech and discusses them with you.

Quotes are sent via email. Most jobs cannot be quoted on the spot. In rare instances we may give you a general quote and then take whatever parts need to be restored to avoid an additional trip.  All decision makers must be present in order to take advantage of this option, if it is available.

We cannot quote partial restoration and cleaning jobs based on photos because many things do not show up in photos. The ways to get a quote are:

  1. In-shop diagnostic

  2. In person base visit / consultation at home

  3. Virtual consultation

Complete a service request today to get more information on our stove restored services in New York in beyond.  The request is not binding but it gives us much of the information we need to best assist you.

Partially Restored Norge Range