Vintage Stove Restoration

What’s so great about vintage and antique stoves?

Very few things exhibit your style and taste like a vintage stove.  They elicit warm feelings of excitement and enchantment from people and they last for generations.  In a time when flashy 10 second videos and 144 character messages fascinate people, vintage stoves are standing the test of time and catching the attention of the same crowd. Young and old generations love’em.

Our stoves are taken apart and treated to the finest restoration treatments in the industry.  We use quality checks every step of the way to ensure a stove you buy from us or your family stove is cared for just like it was a baby.

We have a shop and we are fully insured.  We are not just a website or a hobbyist we are professionally trained restorers.  There are many copycats but only one Stove Lady.

When your family’s convenience and safety are at stake this is no place to go for the cheapest option.  Fly by night operations may not be there when you need them but for over 20 years we have proven that we will be there for you should you need us.  Some of the finest kitchens show off their vintage stoves.



Full Restoration…

Full restoration of your vintage Chambers stove (or other brand) is completed by photographing and breaking the unit down and cataloging everything prior to restoring the parts so the stove works and looks like new.  It is our most extensive restoration and comes with one of the best warranties in the industry.  No expense is spared to make your beloved range look factory ready.  And if you want to keep the chips in the porcelain for memory sake we will keep the exterior original and restore the inside and install an oven safety system.  We can even install electronic ignition if you don’t want to have a gas pilot on the stove.  It has a way of transforming your kitchen.  High end kitchen renovations by top interior designers call for vintage stoves that will add a touch of character to your new style and design.  They are functional and beautiful all at the same time.  People often buy these ranges for their renovation project. Note the before and after below. 


The Restoration Process…

First, detailed pictures and videos of the entire unit are taken. The serial plate and customer’s name are logged.  The stove is then dismantled into the smallest pieces.  Those parts are stripped and get new chrome, porcelain, or rust treatment and a specialty paint and the inner shell gets our proprietary “Forever Clear Coat” which makes cleaning and maintaining your stove very easy for decades to come.  Quality assurance is built into the process so you bring home a safe and functioning stove.  Others may restore stoves, but the process is just not the same as a Stove Lady restored stove gets.  #thestovelady means quality, ingenuity, design and love were involved.

Cleaning and Partial Vintage Stove Restoration…

We offer cleaning and partial vintage stove restoration, unlike many restoration companies.

Cleaning and partial restoration is a cleaning job in which we hand select parts to be restored based on the stove’s needs, your goals, and our quality standards. This process can be done in your home or in our shop. Please note we cannot quote a price without first seeing the range in person as there are various levels of partial restoration jobs.

Partial Vintage stove Restoration Process (usually completed in 2 visits; 3 visits if we give you loaner parts):

  • We visit your home to look at the range, take pictures, check the functional parts and gather your wish list. We now offer virtual consultations as well.
  • We discuss the various options available based on the condition of the stove and your goals.
  • We create an individualized, written quote and provide you with the job details, and possibly our recommendation via email (sometimes more than one quote is created to give you options).


The fastest way to get your beloved stove restored at a very reasonable price.

Are all vintage stove restorations the same?

Not everyone has the same goals and we give individualized service. Some people want the range to have a basic thorough cleaning and others want it to look restored without the expense of a full restoration.

In-home cleaning & partial restoration:  We hand pick items to restore on your range without removing the range from the home. We clean & repair the range in the home.

In-shop cleaning and partial restoration: These jobs are more extensive and usually involve the installation of an oven safety system. Stove is dismantled.

We offer varied levels of stove restoration so you don’t have to invest in a full restoration when all you need is a partial restoration.  That is what the consultation is for.

We provide everything from repair jobs to full restoration jobs and everything in between.  Inquire for more details today.

Cleaning Jobs Only…

The appliance is only cleaned; parts are not restored nor repaired. This service is for people who have carefully cared for their range over the years, but have hard to reach debris that needs a professional cleaning.


  • We (usually) remove the removable parts from the range
  • Removed parts are thoroughly cleaned in our shop.
  • We return to the home, clean the shell, and make any minor adjustments to the gas system.

Note: This job can be combined with a repair, if necessary. Again, the goal here is cleaning and not cosmetics.

Which One is For Me?

Full restoration or cleaning and partial restoration, which one is for me?

More than just the cost goes into making a decision. After seeing your range and speaking with you, we will recommend the best option for you based on your plans for your kitchen, lifestyle, cooking habits, family needs, etc.  Unlike most companies who only do what they call full restoration, we offer many alternatives to fit your budget.

Cleaning only ($) jobs are for customers who have cared for their stove over the years and are really just looking for a more thorough cleaning without respect for cosmetics.  Chances are that if you have grease so thick that you can’t see your gas lines and that grease is holding your range together, you need a restoration 

In Home Cleaning & Partial Restoration jobs are a client favorite.  We clean and repair your range in your home and install restored parts in exchange of your old ones.

Tier 3 Partial Restoration  The goal here is cleaning and function without regard to cosmetics. We restore the stove top parts and install an oven safety system.

Tier 2 Partial Restoration The goal here is to take an already good looking stove and re-chrome or restore minor items. Very few fall into this category.

Tier 1 (the Stove Lady’s favorite) The goal here is to make it look like you had a full restoration without the expense.  It is less expensive because there is less work involved.  If your thermostat is good why replace it?  Most customers cannot tell the difference between a full restoration and a Tier 1 cleaning and partial restoration.

Full restoration jobs are recommended one is renovating his/her kitchen. Our thought is…Why put an old range into a new kitchen when you can put a restored range in and it will outlast every other new appliance you bought for the renovation? Our warranty exceeds the warranty provided for many new ranges on the market.  We are that confident in the work we do and the work of our outside vendors who are experts in their field.  This job sets us apart from many.  Many do a partial & call it full.

Here is a video we created to show you what a Tier One Cleaning and Partial Restoration with Color Change looks like.  This IS NOT a full restoration.