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Sell Your Stove in Mt Vernon, NY


We periodically purchase stoves that meet our strict standards however we are very selective when buying.  Most times we save stoves from being discarded, rather then buying them out.  The Stove Lady loves to collect old stoves, but she only has room for special ones.

We have a few options available to those who desire to part with their stove.

Feature Your Stove on our Site – Your stove will be the Star! Have a page dedicated to your beloved stove.

We will create a whole page featuring your stove, including writing a story.  You provide the information and photos under our guidance.  The fee for this service is $180 and your stove will be featured for 9 months.  You determine terms of sale and price.  You get 100% of the proceeds.  We’ll connect you with interested buyers who have contacted us to buy a vintage stove.  The stove remains at your location and people will visit you to see it.

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List Your Stove in our Classifieds – Pay a monthly fee to list your stove

You can list the stove on the website for a listing fee of $39.99. You would include photos, dimensions, and the price.  You would pay $25 per month on the first of each month, while the listing is active.  You would be auto billed. The stove remains at your location and people will visit you to see it.

Stove Lady Certification – Need your stove to have some credentials?

The Stove Lady can also certify your stove after it is inspected.  The fee is dependent on your location and the type of stove.  We come to you and check out the stove and certify what it needs or say what works.  The stove remains at your location and people will visit you to see it.  We may offer virtual services for this if you are out far from us.

Consignment Program – need the stove out of your home right away?

We also have two consignment programs. 

Option #1 – If we sell your stove in the first 6 months, we give you $250 for it.

Option #2 – You pay an upfront fee to have your clean/wiped down stove transported and stored in our shop. We show it to potential buyers that come to you through your online listings, and you get 70% of the final sale price.  You are the seller, and the stove stays in our shop.  You have one year to sell the stove, but it frees up your space almost immediately. And if you are selling your home and don’t want the stove to go with it, this is a great option because you can take your time selling it.

Other Options outside of our services….

You can also choose to list the stove online through,, Facebook Marketplace or Facebook public groups.  There are apps available as well – Nextdoor, LetGo, etc.

Key Things to Note

We do not provide pricing recommendations for pricing the stove, per company policy.  We suggest you look online and see what these stoves sell for.  We have seen the same color and model sell for $25 and $2500 and the $25 one was in better condition. 

We don’t do much with electric ranges, but we will help you sell them and connect you with people who want them.  And if it is one we need for our collection, we will be happy to get it.

Please complete a service request and select “Sell My Stove” and be sure to attach photos showing the exterior and interior condition of the stove.  You could attach a video showing the burners lighting as well.

Lastly, it is important to let us know why you are selling the stove, if it works and when it was last used if it is not connected to the gas.  Thank you for valuing these ranges enough to find a second home for them.