About Us

Belgrove Appliance, Inc.

A Family Tradition…

A family tradition of service for generations…

  • 1800’s – Mary Belgrove opened Belgrove Funeral Parlour that is still open today.
  • 1960’s – Urban Belgrove began repairing gas appliances & started his own business
  • 2000’s – Carlita Belgrove, founded Belgrove Appliance, Inc., and became known throughout the country as The Famous Stove Lady
We are the only New York based stove restoration company that offers:
  • New appliance sales
  • Vintage and late model stove repair
  • Antique gas stoves for sale
  • Specializes in Antique & Vintage stove restoration
  • Professional residential and commercial stove cleaning service
  • Sells No Longer Available (NLA)/Discontinued stove parts

All these services come with impeccable customer service, loving care, and attention to detail.

Why People Use Us…

    • We care about saving these stoves!  We care about you!
    • The best vintage stove restoration company on the East Coast
    • Belgrove Appliance is the highest rated & most reviewed antique stove restoration company
    • Our warranty on fully restored vintage ranges often exceeds the warranty offered by manufacturers on new high end stoves with popular names
    • We are a fully insured, incorporated, business with a business location, not just a website.

Quality Assurance

We have processes and procedures to ensure a safe, quality product is what you receive.  Quality assurance keeps you and your family safe!

Meet the Stove Lady

Introducing The Famous Stove Lady

Belgrove Appliance is currently owned and operated by Carlita Belgrove. Better known as “The Stove Lady“.  Carlita was inspired to carry on her father’s legacy and become a repair woman and an entrepreneur in the appliance industry. She has continued to challenge the industry by providing top rate customer service, and plans to one day manufacture her own line of gas stoves.