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Buy a Restored  Vintage Stove  Today

Beautifully restored just for you.

Purchasing a restored vintage stove may be the best money spent on your kitchen renovation project. Our stoves will outlast everything else in your new kitchen. Vintage stoves were made during a time when things were built to last. New stoves were made with the purpose of being replaced within five to seven years when new stove parts become obsolete. Buying a vintage stove is an investment in your home.  Buying a new stove is something that will end up in a landfill in less than a decade.

Despite the initial investment, our restored stoves cost less than $1 per day over their lifespan, and less than half the cost of buying a new stove at the same price.

We sell vintage brands such as Garland, Chambers, Crown, Roper, Western Holly, Wedgewood, Caloric, Magic Chef, O’Keefe & Merritt, and more. 

We have dozens of stoves available for custom restoration, possibly the largest collection on the East Coast. We carry partially restored stoves and some newer late model ranges are available for sale too. Please allow time for your dream stove to be restored.

Save the environment and never need to buy a new stove again.