Virtual Consultation


Do a one-on-one call with The Famous Stove Lady

Speak with The Famous Stove Lady herself via a virtual consultation/video chat from the comfort of your own home.  Tell her your most pressing stove needs, wants, and stories!  Ask for advice.

All calls cover the basics to show her what she needs to know to help you with your range.  You can use the time to ask basic questions about your range or show her information so she can calculate an estimate for repairs or restoration on your beloved range.   If this is the first time using the services of Belgrove Appliance, Inc., you should complete a service request form after making this purchase.  Most calls last 15-20 minutes. She will adjust accordingly.  This is not meant to replace a repair, but to provide you with a more realistic understanding of a repair before an in-home visit can be made.  This service may be gone after the pandemic is over so order the service today.


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To speak with the Stove Lady in the comfort of your own home….

You will need one or more of the following:

  • Samsung/Android compatible phone able to do video calls

iPhones will work if you download apps such as:

  • Duo
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Zoom

The best calls occur when everyone is prepared.

To ensure you receive the best experience, you may be asked to complete a service request, if you are not in our system.  You may be asked to send clear photos of the range.  You should have a flashlight handy during the visit.  You may be asked to have one or two tools but your hands will be an extension of the Stove Lady’s hands for the duration of the call.  She will provide you with step by step instructions.  You need not be skilled or handy.

Note: This service is not refundable.  All calls are done outside of normal business hours and by appointment.