Parts Ordering Process

Please follow our process for ordering parts.  WE KINDLY ASK THAT YOU NOT PHONE US ABOUT PARTS.  Email us anytime.

We don’t’ stock more than 70% of the parts we sell.  We are experts at finding what you need.  We have only been unable to find or make a very small percentage of the parts that have been requested to us.

Hard to find parts are priced accordingly so please keep that in mind before the search begins.

We do in house repairs, then restorations, then we search for parts, so please be patient.  Some orders are filled in a week, some take weeks/months to fill.

We look for these parts because we LOVE having happy customers.  How can we make you happy today? You can see the Parts Ordering Process below.

The Process…

Step One – Complete the service request form by clicking here. http://www.stovelady.com/about/service-request/  This form allows us to easily locate you in our system and allows us to electronically bill you for the part when it is located.

Step Two – Email us photos of the part you need along with any model numbers or part numbers you have.  Please don’t call us to describe the part.  It’s like describing a muffler noise to your car mechanic. OUR EMAIL IS: info@stovelady.com

Once we get the photos we will respond.  We may ask for additional photos of the part from various angles as well as a photo of the appliance in which the part works.

Step 3 –  We will email you a price quote for the part after we do a search.  If you want to order the part we will email you an invoice.  Invoices paid online through our secure online payment system receive an automatic $20 discount.  We offer this discount because it is easier and safer to process your payment.  We don’t get any of your bank information and we don’t have to wait for your check to come by mail, process it through the system and match it up to the part you are ordering.  If you want to mail a check or money order, please include the following information on a document with the part so it doesn’t get lost when it gets here.

Check payments must be accompanied by a document containing the following information:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Mailing Address
  3. Day and Evening Phone Numbers
  4. Email used for parts request

This document is very important as your check gets deposited immediately for security reasons.  The document is then used to order the part that you requested.  Not sending the document delays your order.

Step 4 – Once your check clears, your part is shipped to you.  Please note: we insure our parts deliveries and therefore shipping costs may be slightly higher than normal.  We also only ship via UPS and USPS with delivery confirmation.

Step 5 – We will call/email you to follow up and be sure you received your parts.  The Stove Lady even offers free telephone assistance to those who are handy enough to install their own parts.  If you have a local technician, we can help him (or her) too at no additional fee.  We may not be able to help you install all parts for all stoves.  We provide no assistance for installing safety systems.