Carlita Belgrove, The Stove Lady, works miracles.  My Welbilt stove is over 30 years old and three years ago, the oven stopped working. The thermometer was to blame. But Welbilt is no longer in the stove business and the repair folks  I previously called said the parts were not available and nothing could be done. They said I should get a new one. But I love my stove and did not want another. Thank goodness I found Carlita, The Stove Lady.  Instead of “it can’t be done” it was, “we’ll get it fixed” and sure enough, she quickly found the exact part and arranged for a speedy and efficient installation. So presto, within days the oven was perfect again.  But that was three years ago and my dear stove’s still growing older and so another part recently went on the blink. But hey, no problem. Now I knew who to call and once again, in her most positive, upbeat and reassuring way, The Stove Lady  makes the correct diagnosis, finds the correct part, and makes sure all the work is done to perfection.  Really, I can’t say enough good things about Carlita Belgrove, her crew and her way of doing things.  She and all her people are completely  professional. Would that all businesses work with such courtesy, patience, honesty and expertise.  And just as important, you can be sure that with Carlita there is never a problem of communication or scheduling. She is completely on the ball so while everything is done in the most time and cost saving way no effort is spared to achieve the most excellent result.  This is a company that deserves the highest recommendation.