Chambers BZ, white with chrome top

We decided to commission a vintage stove restoration to complete our 1927 bungalow kitchen renovation. After some trial and error with other vendors, we were able to find Carlita at Belgrove Appliance. Carlita had a very good reputation in the industry and among other vintage range owners. However, we were apprehensive about working so remotely on such a large, detailed and valuable project. In the end, our fears were unfounded.

After nailing down the exact model and look we wanted (Chambers BZ, white with chrome top), we clarified all the restoration, shipping and receiving details via a contract. Carlita fulfilled the contract in every aspect. Our range was delivered within the specified time range, the exact product to which we had agreed and a beautiful restoration.

Carlita is very conscientious about her work product and her customers’ satisfaction. We received detailed pictures and videos pre-shipping, as well as instructions on how to use the range. To address our concerns regarding installation, as we are in Atlanta and she is in New York, Carlita was willing to be on-call to the delivery and installation people. We called her several times and she was always willing to walk us through the question at hand.

Indeed, even long after the range has been installed, we have called her with questions as we explore using our new range and she is happy to help each time we call.

The most enjoyable part of working with Carlita was her genuine desire to honestly help people and do the “right thing.” She went over and above to rectify a problem that had actually occurred in shipping, and thus not her fault. However, she wanted us to be able to enjoy the range. Carlita went on to help me find a good scratch repair service for shipping damage. Again, the shipping company’s fault, but Carlita wanted to make sure the repairs were invisible. Our only problem with the range (minor porcelain issue on the burners) was dealt with quickly and free of charge.

We entered the restoration project with our eyes open. You cannot restore a 61 year old range, ship it across the country and install it remotely without a few snags. What matters is how you deal with the issue at hand and Carlita deals with customers in an honest, ethical and caring manner.