Chambers 90C Buttercup Yellow – Full Restoration

One thing about Carlita…She is always there for you.

In the early months of 2008, i decided to buy a chambers stove.Unfortunately, I did not do my research,and ended up,paying too much. I then decided to have it restored and called carlita. She sat me down,went over every item that needed to be restored,gave me a price, and then gently informed me that i had made a mistake in over-paying for the stove. During the next two months,carlita and i talked constantly trying to figure out the best option. Together we found a solution..close to a total restoration…But one that i could afford.During this time, and throughout the whole project carlita’s patience and knowledge so impressed me. One thing about Carlita…She is always there for you. Even now,if i have a question,she is there ready to help. At the start of this project, she was my contractor,today she is my friend.Sometimes pictures speak louder then words…Please see the before and after pictures…Trust me she is the best in her business.

Ed M.