Those of you who know me know that I love retro kitchen stuff. I even have an old stove in my own kitchen. I love it but it wasn’t working quite right so I called Carlita Belgrove of Belgrove Appliance in Westchester Co. NY. Carlita was able to calibrate the ovens and repair several other issues.

Carlita is an expert in restoring and repairing older stoves and there are very few people who know how to handle these ranges. If you have an old one she says that they can last a lifetime, as opposed to newer appliances which are planned to be obsolete within 7-10 year. If you are looking to make a restored stove the centerpiece of your kitchen, Belgrove can help you find one. Not only do antique stoves bring a warmth to your home, they can be good for the planet if you hold on to them.

Allison Ziefert, top realtor with Keller Williams Mid-Town Direct in Maplewood, NJ (and antique appliance lover)