Restored Vintage Stoves For Sale

Restored Vintage Stoves For Sale

Thank you for visiting our Buy a Vintage Stove page.  It contains many of the vintage stoves we have available for sale as well as antique and retro stoves for sale by others who are looking to find a new home for their beloved ranges.  

Fully Restored gas ranges have been torn down into individual parts.  Each part is restored and the stove is put through a battery of tests during, and after the assembly phase.  Then it goes through a quality phase.  All fully restored gas stoves come iwth an automatic oven safety system, restored chrome, and restore black enamel parts.  The porcelain shell is original unless you request a color change.  Our stoves are restored to your individual taste and style.  No expense is spared is spared in restoring theses beautiful ranges.  This is what The Famous Stove Lady is known for.

When a fully restored antique gas stove is not in the budget we have less expensive vintage stoves…

Stove Lady Certified Option … The Craigslist Alternative/E-Bay Alternative:

Buy a basic unrestored vintage stove from us that has undergone a full diagnostic review by a skilled expert.  It comes with a list of what the stove needs.  You buy it “as is” and decide how extensive you want the work to be.  No more buying a stove and not knowing what you are getting.  No need to do your research online and figuring out if this stove will be a nightmare or a great deal. “

The stoves you see here were fully restored for other clients, but we have the same, or similar models available for purchase.  And now, we offer many options when you want to purchase a stove.  We have antique, vintage, and retro stoves available.