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Repair FAQs

We no longer fully restore electric ranges but contact us to see if we can clean it, repair and partially restore it for you.

Yes. We have a $1 million / $2 million insurance policy. We have never needed to use it and hope to never have to in the future because we are very safety conscious. Our work goes through a vigorous quality assurance test upon completion to ensure that it meets the Stove Lady’s standards.

Our standard repair warranty is as follows:

Parts – One (1) Year Warranty
Labor – Ninety (90) Day Warranty
Rebuilt Thermostats – One (1) Year Warranty or more
Rebuilt Valves – One (1) Year Warranty

Note: Our warranty varies for some uncommon jobs. It is best to follow the warranty on your sales receipt as that is the warranty that applies to your specific job. If you have any questions or concerns about our warranty, email us at  We even warranty travel for 30 days.

This is a very common question.  We don’t have an hourly rate.  You never know what you are going to find with an antique appliance so we don’t base our fees on time.  Fees are the sum of overhead, labor, parts, and experience that we have gained over the years.  We stand behind all of our repair work and we feel that is more important than the hourly rate to most of our clients who really want their appliance repaired.  We are honest and you can’t put a price on honesty.

Repairs can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours depending on the complexity of the job.  If you are trying to schedule around a repair, leave two hours just in case something weird arises.  The majority of jobs are completed in forty five minutes to an hour and a half.  Many jobs take two hours or more so if time is an issue, please let us know.  We do not rush because safety is our first concern.  Also, once we quote a job, the cost is what it is and many times it has nothing to do with the amount of time the job takes.

It would be almost impossible to know what you need before we see your appliance; many of the appliances we repair were made more than 60 years ago and come in a variety of models. There are some appliances which use the same parts, but that is usually rare and often there are other issues that the client has forgotten.  Also it has been our experience that more than 90% of clients incorrectly diagnose their issue or describe the wrong part.

We will bring whatever is handy and available to avoid making a second trip, but if you request us to purchase a part and you don’t need that part, you end up paying for an unnecessary part and that is not good for either of us.

The Stove Lady doesn’t believe that her clients should pay her to “check out” their appliances if they are going to get them repaired.  If you decide that you want your appliance repaired after getting a quote, she deducts a portion of the service charge from the final repair/restoration invoice.  Many companies charge a service charge plus the cost of parts and labor.  The Stove Lady only charges the fee for the actual job.  This doesn’t apply to a base visit charge because we do some maintenance during the visit.

The travel fee is used to cover the cost of travel time, vehicle maintenance, gas, and tolls.  Most appliance repair companies don’t travel more than 15 minutes from their home office.  If they do, they have technicians dedicated to that area so travel time and expense are at a minimum.  The Stove Lady doesn’t have that luxury because of her specialized talent so a travel fee is necessary.

Our fees change often to be competitive.  We will send them in response to receipt of a service request.  Completing a request doesn’t bind you to move forward with a repair.

If you only paid for a service charge we will be there from 15 – 30 minutes.  Base visits are 30-45 minutes because we do a more thorough review of the range and maintenance.  A virtual consultation is up to 30 minutes.

More often than not, we make two trips, one to diagnose the issue, see what you need, gather your repair goals and appliance information, and a second visit to repair the problem.  That is the way it goes in the antique stove repair industry. If we can do it in one visit, we happily will do so, but experience has shown us that it is usually better the other way.  During the pandemic we changed our model to try and do the repairs in one visit but when more than a couple of repairs are needed you need a quote before deciding.

The Stove Lady makes herself available to clients in five states.  A diagnostic fee helps cover the cost of being available while ensuring that only people who are serious about repairing their appliances request an in-home appointment.  We can’t see everyone but we want to be there for those who really want to save their stove.  Having a vintage stove business is much more expensive than having a regular appliance repair business.  Insurance, labor, rent, etc. is all higher.

We pride ourselves on providing the best service and having parts available for as many people as possible.  That means higher labor due to more training of skilled technicians, higher insurance because we are working with gas and electricity, higher expenses because we travel much further than a repair company should, and the quotes we put together take hours to complete so while we spend less than an hour in the home the entire process takes four to five hours before any restoration is even done.  Most small companies don’t charge enough or are not insured or work from their garage or just a website.  We are a brick and mortar business that is fully insured and our people are fully trained and continuously educated.  That is not cheap.  We like to compare ourselves to Mercedes or American Express. It is all about the service and the experience not about the cost.

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