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Belgrove Appliance, Inc. specializes in vintage stove services and parts, including rare and hard-to-find pieces like clocks, knobs, handles, valves, and more. We carry both new and re-manufactured parts, and we can even find NLA (no longer available) parts.

Ordering: Email photos of your parts and the entire stove to to start your parts search today. Click here for video instructions.

Rebuilt & Custom Parts: We can rebuild, re-manufacture, and manufacture many stove parts, including grates. We also have restored parts for out-of-state DIY enthusiasts. If you recycle your existing parts, we offer discounts on restored parts you purchase from us.

Common Parts: We carry many Chambers and Crown stove parts, including some thermostats. We also have new parts that we had manufactured ourselves, including Crown burner and oven knobs.  See some of our common vintage stove parts that are in inventory.  See the Parts Ordering Process section to order specialized, hard to find parts.

Chambers Spring Thumb Latch 2
Chambers Thumb Latch Spring
Chambers stroage door spring 1
Chambers Storage Door Spring
multiple crown burner knobs 1
Crown Burner Knob
Chambers oven door spring 1
Chambers Oven Door Spring
chambers storage door handle latch 1
Chambers Storage Door Handle Latch
Chambers oven door lock 1
Chambers Oven Door Knot
Chambers oven door handle latch 1
Chambers Oven Door Latch
Chambers oven door handle 1
Chambers Oven Door Handle
Chambers burner knob 1
Chambers Burner Knob
multiple crown oven knobs 1
Crown Thermostat Knob
Chambers timer 1
Chambers Timer
Chambers stainless steel flashtubes 1
Chambers Stainless Steel Flashtubes
Chamber pilot cover 1
Chambers Pilot Cover
crown oven door springs 1
Crown Oven Door Spring
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Chambers Thumb Latch
2022 09 19 0a11eea93b27 photos c6e4bde1 4d81 45d2 9214 3013f052399a.large
Chambers Griddle
Chambers broiler tray 1
Chambers Broiler Tray
2022 09 19 8bb48f9d9edd photos 336c2c38 64e2 423b 9eee ec5c87504e32.large
Chambers Oven Racks

Didn’t see your antique stove part? We don’t stock more than 70% of the parts we sell, but we price hard-to-find parts accordingly. We are experts at finding what you need and have only been unable to find or make a very small percentage of the parts that have been requested to us.

Turnaround Time: We prioritize in-house repairs and restorations, followed by parts searches. While some orders are filled within a week, others may take weeks or months to fill. We appreciate your patience as we work to find the perfect parts for your vintage stove.

Customer Satisfaction: We love having happy customers and will do everything we can to make you happy too. Please follow our Parts Ordering Process below to ensure a smooth ordering experience. And while we do not accept returns, we make sure you get what you need.

Conclusion: Order your vintage stove parts online today and experience the quality and expertise of The Stove Lady.

Parts Ordering Process

The Process…

Step One – Complete the service request form by clicking here.  This form allows us to easily locate you in our system and allows us to electronically bill you for the part when it is located.

Step Two – Email us photos of the part you need along with any model numbers or part numbers you have.  Please don’t call us to describe the part.  It’s like describing a muffler noise to your car mechanic. OUR EMAIL IS:

Once we get the photos we will respond.  We may ask for additional photos of the part from various angles as well as a photo of the appliance in which the part works.

Step 3 –  We will email you a price quote for the part after we do a search.  If you want to order the part we will email you an invoice.  Invoices paid online through our secure online payment system receive an automatic $20 discount.  We offer this discount because it is easier and safer to process your payment.  We don’t get any of your bank information and we don’t have to wait for your check to come by mail, process it through the system and match it up to the part you are ordering.  If you want to mail a check or money order, please include the following information on a document with the part so it doesn’t get lost when it gets here.

Check payments must be accompanied by a document containing the following information:

  1. First and Last Name
  2. Mailing Address
  3. Day and Evening Phone Numbers
  4. Email used for parts request

This document is very important as your check gets deposited immediately for security reasons.  The document is then used to order the part that you requested.  Not sending the document delays your order.

Step 4 – Once your check clears, your part is shipped to you.  Please note: we insure our parts deliveries and therefore shipping costs may be slightly higher than normal.  We also only ship via UPS and USPS with delivery confirmation.

Step 5 – We will call/email you to follow up and be sure you received your parts.  The Stove Lady even offers free telephone assistance to those who are handy enough to install their own parts.  If you have a local technician, we can help him (or her) too at no additional fee.  We may not be able to help you install all parts for all stoves.  We provide no assistance for installing safety systems.

Stove Parts FAQs

We no longer fully restore electric ranges but contact us to see if we can clean it, repair and partially restore it for you.

Yes. We have a $3 million/$5 million insurance policy. We have never needed to use it and hope to never have to in the future because we are very safety conscious. Our work goes through a vigorous quality assurance test upon completion to ensure that it meets the Stove Lady’s standards.

Our standard repair warranty is as follows:

Parts – One (1) Year Warranty
Labor – Ninety (90) Day Warranty
Rebuilt Thermostats – One (1) Year Warranty
Rebuilt Valves – One (1) Year Warranty

Note: Our warranty varies for some uncommon jobs. It is best to follow the warranty on your sales receipt as that is the warranty that applies to your specific job. If you have any questions or concerns about our warranty, email us at

This is a very common question.  We don’t have an hourly rate for the same reasons mentioned above.  You never know what you are going to find with an antique appliance so we don’t base our fees on time.  Fees are the sum of advertising, internet, vehicle, labor, parts, and experience estimates that we have come up with over the years.  We stand behind all of our repair work and we feel that is more important than the hourly rate to most of our clients who really want their appliance repaired.  We are honest and you can’t put a price on honesty.

Repairs can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours depending on the complexity of the job.  If you are trying to schedule around a repair, leave two hours just in case something weird arises.  The majority of jobs are completed in forty five minutes to an hour and a half.  Many jobs take two hours or more so if time is an issue, please let us know.  We do not rush because safety is our first concern.  Also, once we quote a job, the cost is what it is and many times it has nothing to do with the amount of time the job takes.

It would be impossible to know what you need before we see your appliance; many of the appliances we repair were made more than 60 years ago and come in a variety of models. There are some appliances which use the same parts, but that is usually rare and often there are other issues that the client has forgotten.  Also it has been our experience that more than 90% of clients incorrectly diagnose their issue or describe the wrong part.

We will bring whatever is handy and available to avoid making a second trip, but if you request us to purchase a part and you don’t need that part, you end up paying for an unnecessary part and that is not good for either of us.

The Stove Lady doesn’t believe that her clients should pay her to “check out” their appliances if they are going to get them repaired.  If you decide that you want your appliance repaired after getting a quote, she deducts the service charge from the final repair/restoration invoice.  Many companies charge a service charge plus the cost of parts and labor.  The Stove Lady only charges the fee for the actual job.

The travel fee is used to cover the cost of travel time, vehicle maintenance, gas, and tolls.  Most appliance repair companies don’t travel more than 15 minutes from their home office.  If they do, they have technicians dedicated to that area so travel time and expense are at a minimum.  The Stove Lady doesn’t have that luxury because of her specialized talent so a travel fee is necessary.

Consultation fees vary based on the type of appliance and its use (residential vs. commercial). Travel fees for the consultation vary as well based on location. We are located in Yonkers, NY so travel to Brooklyn, Queens, & Manhattan are extra. Travel outside of the NYC area to NJ, CT, PA, MD, and certain parts of Westchester are billed at a higher hourly due to the distance. The consultation fee is nonrefundable and goes towards the cost of the job or gets deducted from the final cost. Travel fees are not refundable.

Usually we diagnose the issue in 15-30 minutes or less, our ideal goal being 15 minutes for diagnosis and the rest of the visit for consultation.  We apply the service charge to the repair so the less time the first visit takes, the less the overall job should cost depending on the complexity of each repair.  We have found that it is better to diagnose the issue, write up a detailed quote, give you time to make a decision, and then come back and do whatever repairs are necessary.

More often than not, we make two trips, one to diagnose the issue, see what you need, gather your repair goals and appliance information, and a second visit to repair the problem.  That is the way it goes in the antique stove repair industry. If we can do it in one visit, we happily will do so, but experience has shown us that it is usually better the other way.

The Stove Lady makes herself available to clients in five states.  A diagnostic fee helps cover the cost of gas, tolls, and vehicle maintenance while ensuring that only people who are serious about repairing their appliances request an in-home appointment.  Note, we have not increased our diagnostic fee in over than 10 years.

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