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Full Restoration FAQ’s

What is full restoration?
Full restoration is the term we give to the most extensive restoration that we can do to your range.  It will include the complete tear down of your unit to the basic shell.  We restore each individual part and re-assemble your range. 

How long does full restoration take to complete?
Standard restorations now take between three to six months to complete (down from six to twelve months).

Rush contract jobs can be completed in 30 to 60 days (for an additional fee).

If a client doesn’t mind having already restored parts the job can be done in four weeks or less, if parts are already in stock.

Note:  We find that some jobs do still take more than twelve months, because they have to be re-worked to meet the Stove Lady’s tough quality standards.   These things take time, just like they did in the old days.  Patience is a must because they may come apart easily but they always take longer to re-assemble.

What is the cost?
The cost for full restoration depends on the range being restored.  It may start at $3,500 for a small range, but the average starting price is about $5,500 - 6,000 for a standard size range.  Most Chambers ranges start at $7,000 and go up from there.  Roper stoves are more expensive and cost upwards of $8,000 for full restoration.  O'Keefe & Merritt is a west coast stove but we do sell them when available and they start at $9,000 plus the cost of the stove.  Commercial ranges usually cost more to fully restore, but most people only need a cleaning and partial restoration on their commercial range.  Note: you can't buy a "new" commercial range for your home.

How do I get a quote for my stove?
We suggest you email us photos of your range, the range top, underneath the burners, in the ovens, as well as photos of any small issues you are having.  That way we can give you a general quote on full restoration.  This is the only process that we can give you a price quote without seeing the range.  Email your photos to

What is the warranty of full restorations?
We offer a one-year warranty for new parts and labor and chrome, a two-year warranty for re-enameled and an eighteenth month warranty for rebuilt thermostats. The safety system is under a one year warranty. 

Note:  Cleaning, painting, and polishing are not under warranty.  We do give you tips on maintaining your range once we have restored it.

Do you sell fully restored stoves?
Yes.  We do have partially restored and ranges in stock and we will restore them for you.  We like finding them homes.

The main benefit of buying a restored range from us is that you know what you are getting and you don’t pay to ship the stove to us.  We have seen customers over pay for stoves (from other retailers) they wanted restored only to find out that they still need to spend thousands to get their range in shape.  And they had to pay hundreds, some times more than a thousand dollars in moving fees to get the range to us.  See Ed M’s testimonial.  He was not the only one who made this error.

What brands do you restore?
As of January 1, 2016 we have limited our restorations to the following brands. Chambers, Caloric, Roper, Crown, O'Keefe & Merritt, Oriole, Quality, Welbilt, Magic Chef, Franklin Chef, Garland, General Electric, Frigidaire, Maytag, Anderson, and many more.

What is involved in a full restoration?
First, detailed pictures and videos of the entire unit are taken. The serial plate and customer’s name are logged.  The stove is then dismantled into the smallest pieces until the shell is fully exposed. Each part is catalogued then cleaned, polished, painted and/or fully restored to its original finish.

Once the stove is completely dismantled the parts are separated into three piles; in house work, enamel work, and chrome work.  The thermostats are also sent out to be rebuilt.  Each of the three piles is then photographed for record keeping purposes.  Outside vendor work orders are completed and the items are shipped out or carried directly to the vendor.

The parts done in house are stripped, sand blasted, sanded, painted and or polished.  The gas valves are rebuilt and polished.  Each gas line that was removed from the range is polished.  Screws are either replaced or restored, depending on the type and availability.  Springs are replaced.  Many other small items like knob restoration are also performed.  On many ranges we find we do not have to replace all of the insulation unless the stove has been under water or over zealously cleaned.

Minor blemishes may remain, but only if they lend to the authenticity of the stove's age. You can even change the color of your old yellow stove to white, cobalt blue, grey, red, etc. You can pick almost any color you want. As long as our enameling company can handle it, we can offer it.  Once each piece has been fully restored your stove is reassembled and reviewed to see if it meets our standards.

During the process we may send you some progress photos, time permitting.  In the beginning we send you the “before” photos.  In the end we send before (just in case you forgot) and after photos so you can have something to look forward to.

We do install a safety system in every range unless the customer asks us to do otherwise. Once the restoration is done, detailed “after” photos and videos are taken to record the professional and amazing transformation of your range.  Most people are amazed at the results.

Finally, your newly restored stove goes through “Quality Assurance Testing”. We ensure the oven thermostat is calibrated correctly and that all parts are functioning properly. We test three times or more to make sure there is no gas leaking.  We run the unit for at least five days to make sure everything is working properly.

We do install a safety system in every range unless the customer asks us to do otherwise. Once the restoration is done, detailed “after” photos and videos are taken to record the professional and amazing transformation of your range.  Most people are amazed at the results.

Why restore and not buy a new stove?
You restore your antique stove because it will be absolutely stunning, and your stove will be the topic of conversation at your next dinner party. Old-fashioned antique stoves bring warm feelings of comfort and mouth watering memories of family gatherings and Sunday dinners of yesterday, a time when families did almost everything together. They symbolize that time, but still allow us to live in the current day and cook safely for our family. Antiques also offer sturdy construction (built with solid steel, porcelain enamel and intricately crafted parts) that will outlast many modern stoves  and some, like the one and only Chambers models "cook with the gas off", saving you on gas.

How long will the restored stove last?
A fully restored range could give you another thirty years or more of service; more if you care for it properly.  We will show you how.

Cleaning and Partial Restoration FAQs

How much will the job cost?
The cost for cleaning and partial restoration depends on the range, the condition of the range and the type (tier 1, 2, or 3) of job completed.  Some ranges may need to have new parts installed and others may need to have existing parts cleaned or repaired.  

How long will the job take to be completed?
The completion time for a cleaning and partial restoration job depends on the condition of the range, the type of range, and the availability of parts, if parts must be replaced.  Most take between 3 to 6 months to complete.  Some can be done in as little as four weeks, but that is rare if major or hard to find parts need to be restored. 

If the client is not restoring a range that has sentimental value and doesn’t mind having already restored parts the job can be done in four weeks or less.  We have an extensive inventory of new "old" stock and already restored parts so that you can have the convenience of having your stove restored in a short period of time.  We have invested more than $300,000 over the last decade acquiring stoves, restoring their parts just so we are ready for you because you are worth it!

Can I clean my stove myself?
Of course you can!!  Just not like we can clean it.  It took years to perfect our system and we know what not to break!

Can you give tips on cleaning?
Sure!  Tips on cleaning your range…call the Stove Lady!  Only joking.

  • Don’t get oven cleaner on chrome and aluminum surfaces or on the thermostat diastat.
  • Wear protective eyewear and face coverings for safety.
  • Use oven cleaner and citrus degreaser.
  • Clean the oven while it is still warm, but be careful it is not too hot.
  • Don’t ever spray oven cleaner in a hot oven.
  • Use a razor blade like we do for the stubborn dirt, but be careful not to scratch anything.

What type of person will pay somebody to clean their stove?
Most people who pay us to clean their ranges either do not have the time and energy to clean their ranges or they are physically unable to clean their ranges. 

It is an expensive option for most, but we are working on a program for seniors.  They already get special consideration.  We don’t offer “senior discounts” per se, but we love seniors and consider their budgets when quoting jobs and giving advice.  One day we hope to have a charitable fund for seniors who can’t afford to repair their appliances.

Are there any age limitations to restorations and repairs?
No.  The Stove Lady has personally worked on ranges that were 100 years old.  As long as you are patient, we will restore your range.

Can any gas stove be restored?
Yes, we restore all gas ranges.

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