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Cleaning and Partiall Restoration
We offer cleaning and partial restoration, unlike many restoration companies.

Cleaning and partial restoration is a cleaning job in which we hand select parts to be restored based on the stove’s needs, your goals, and our quality standards.  This process can be done in your home or in our shop.  Please note we cannot quote a price without first seeing the range in person as there are various levels of partial restoration jobs.

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Partial Restoration Process (usually completed in 2 visits; 3 visits if we give you loaner parts):
·         We visit your home to look at the range, take pictures, check the functional parts and gather your wish list.
·         We discuss the various options available based on the condition of the stove and your goals.
·         We return to the shop to create an individualized, written quote and provide you with the job details, and possibly our recommendation via email (sometimes more than one quote is created to give the client options). 

Note:  Not everyone has the same goals and we give individualized service.  Some people want the range to have a basic thorough cleaning and others want it to look restored without the expense of a full restoration.

In home cleaning & partial restoration:  Usually two trips are made to complete in home jobs, one to remove the parts to be cleaned and restored and a second to clean the shell and re-assemble the range.  Sometimes a third visit is made to furnish the client with loaner parts.  While the shell of the range is cleaned in the client’s home burners, drip pans and grates are restored at our outside vendor location.

In-shop cleaning and partial restoration:  These jobs are more extensive.  The condition of the stove and the customer’s goals will determine whether we recommend Tier 1 or Tier 3.

Tier 1: The stove is dismantled similar to that of a full restoration and the stove top is re-chromed.  Handles and knobs are re-chromed and we may or may not fix any chips on the exterior of the stove, based on the client's preference.   Tier one jobs could also include a color change, but most times we recommend a full restoration if you are changing the color of your range.  The goal of a tier one job is to have that fully restored look without the expense of a full restoration.  There are interior items that are not done with a tier one cleaning and partial restoration job and the warranty is limited to items repaired or restored.  A safety system is usually installed in a tier one job.

Tier 3: Under a tier 3 cleaning and partial restoration, the top of the stove is taken off and cleaned, the valves are rebuilt, the burners restored, the drip and grid the pans are re-enameled or re-chromed, but we don’t re-chrome the stove top or re-enamel the outer shell.  The goal here is to have your range cleaned more thoroughly than in your home, but not as extensively as a tier one job.  The mechanical overhaul is limited to the rebuilding of the valves and the possible installation of a safety system.  Only mechanical issues are addressed. This job is for people who have used their stove for years and are only concerned about cleanliness, functionality and safe operation without regard to cosmetics.

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Site Visits
Based out of Westchester County, New York, Belgrove Appliance makes site visits for repair jobs throughout Westchester County, New York City, and the Tri-State area.
  Pick Up and Delivery
Pick-up and delivery services are provided per request throughout the East Coast and anywhere in the United States. The costs for pickup and delivery depend on local shipping rates, and are charged separately.

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