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Appliance sales and service specializing in retro and
antique stove restoration, sales, cleaning and repair 

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Frequently Asked Questions
New Appliance Sales

Which is the best appliance for me?

That depends on your usage, your family needs, etc.  Let’s discuss these things and we will let you know.  We also review Consumer Reports to see what they have to say.  We also have over 40 years of real world experience from our various wholesalers.

Why is your price higher or lower than the competition?

Lower Prices
On some mid to high range items we can afford to offer a lower price because we don’t stock the items.  Our overhead is lower and we can pass the savings on to you.  If you send us your best price we will say “Yes, we can beat it; here is our price or No we can’t beat it.”  We often don’t share prices when we can’t beat the competitor’s price.  We charge the lowest price possible to give you the best service experience possible.

Again, our clients value their time and our great service more than or equal to pricing.  They trust that we will give them the best price possible for the level of service and attention they are receiving.

Higher Prices
On low end appliances there is really no “mark up” meaning it cost us almost the same as it cost you to get the appliance.  In this case we will be able to provide you with a better service experience than you may get elsewhere.  This is not our specialty.  We don’t sell cheap freezers or air conditioners for that same reason.

If you really are looking for a low end appliance, you may want to visit a “big box” store that can’t give you much advice, can’t schedule your delivery within a two to four hour time frame, can’t allow you to choose morning or afternoon delivery, or one that can’t help you when something goes wrong.

True story...A repair customer turned to the Stove Lady to replace all of her kitchen appliances when she renovated her 90's kitchen.  She said we saved her $2-$3k on her purchase.  She did buy more than $20k in high end appliances so we were glad to have helped.

Great story…Since the Stove Lady doesn’t ramble about her new appliances sales capabilities so a good friend/colleague bought a new washer/dryer combination unit from another local appliance business.  When the appliance arrived at their home, the delivery people couldn’t remove the old appliance and left the new one in the client’s kitchen.  The Stove Lady had to come over, dismantle the old appliance and get it out of the house for the new one to be installed.  The customer had to pay us for our services after paying the initial appliance dealer for installation and “free removal”.  Not everything is free.  Had the Stove Lady done the job from soup to nuts, there would have been no additional fee.

How do I purchase a new appliance from Belgrove Appliance?

Complete our service request form and include the make, model number, and color of the appliance you want.  Also, let us know the best price you have found when shopping.  Don't forget to ask about delivery, installation, and removal of your old appliance.  Once we get the information we will shop our suppliers and get back to you.  Our main supplier usually gives the best price and service.

If you agree to the price we send you an online invoice.  Once you pay it we arrange for delivery.

Can I select my delivery time?

Yes, unlike big box stores which tell you when they are coming, we can give you a morning or afternoon appointment on a certain day.  Service your way is the Stove Lady way.

Is there a warranty on your new appliances?

Yes, the manufacturer provides the warranty.


Site Visits
Based out of Westchester County, New York, Belgrove Appliance makes site visits for repair jobs throughout Westchester County, New York City, and the Tri-State area.
  Pick Up and Delivery
Pick-up and delivery services are provided per request throughout the East Coast and anywhere in the United States. The costs for pickup and delivery depend on local shipping rates, and are charged separately.

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